Onine (Zoom)
In this tenth conversation in the Global Religious and Secular Dynamics Discussion Series, Adam Seligman will join Berkley Center Senior Fellow José Casanova to discuss such themes as civil society, trust, authority, collective belonging and the challenges posed by individualism and modern human rights discourse to any shared idea of a substantive public good.
Online (Zoom)
This conference hosted by Reset DOC with The Center for Democracy, Toleration and Religion gathers scholars to talk about the ways in which religious toleration has been articulated and practiced in places and periods outside of modern “Western” history.
With 2020 coming to a close and the European approval for the Covid-19 vaccines, we are starting to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Although it may still seem distant, the European Union is looking to rebuild a decimated economy and reposition itself on the global stage. A two-day conference held this autumn, organized in collaboration with the Fondazione Corriere della Sera, brought together world-renowned experts to look at what possible futures exist for the EU and will a Biden presidency be able to rebuild much of what was lost under Trump in the way of trans-atlantic relations. Our latest e-book collects original pieces based on the conference proceedings and as well as exclusive interviews with Giuliano Amato, Enzo Amendola, and Paolo Gentiloni.
Our Initiatives 2018/2020
What are liberal democracy’s greatest weaknesses in the face of spreading populist movements? What can reform-minded liberals do to loosen the tightening knot of anger and nationalist extremism? In order to achieve a truly inclusive and open public sphere where no dominant perspective is imposed from above – and where values and proposals are freely discussed and challenged Reset Dialogues on Civilizations has launched a new series of seminars and public lectures focused on the Illiberal Trend affecting contemporary democracies. 
An international forum and summer school, in partnership with the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, on the prospects for democracy, human rights, secularism and religion across different cultures able to promote and consolidate a network of cultural, intellectual and academic relationships among senior and junior scholars in the social sciences, political theory, sociology, legal and religious studies.