• 2019
    This new study promoted by Reset DOC aims to go precisely to the origins of the phenomenon of migration from the south to Europe, to restore transit dignity to the choice of hundreds of thousands of people, and objectively reconstruct one of the most politicised issues of recent decades.
  • Monograph
    The apparent demise of Russia’s liberal ideas and expectations determine the role of the remaining institutions and actors in promoting an alternative liberalism that, although weakened, remains credible. This second volume of Reset’s ‘Russia Workshop’ collects a selection of the ‘State and Political Discourse in Russia’ conference proceedings.
  • Monograph
    The monograph Gülen Media Empire, who contains Turkish, Italian, US authors’ essays, intends to analyse Gülen movement and its relations with media (TV, print, movies) with the purpose of spreading its ideology and its political and religious message.
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