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Reset Dialogues (based in Boston) is an American non-profit organization created in 2009 to promote cultural and religious pluralism, the rule of law and human rights in various contexts. Initially established to support its partner organization Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (Reset DOC) (based in Milan), the two associations together convene the best minds from different countries, cultures, and disciplines at regularly held seminars in the U.S., Europe, North Africa, and Turkey. We also commission and publish research in the human and social sciences — through our website and in cooperation with academic presses — to inform public debate and contribute to sound decision-making by policymakers.

Reset Dialogues convenes conferences at American universities and supports the annual Venice Seminars on Toleration and the Carthage/Casablanca Seminars on Pluralism. In 2019/20, Reset Dialogues collaborated with partners to convene meetings at Columbia University’s Italian Academy, Princeton University’s Center for Human Values, the Reves Center for International Studies at The College of William and Mary, and The University of California Berkeley’s Center for the Study of Democracy, Toleration, and Religion. Reset Dialogues receives support from the Carnegie Corporation, the Luce Foundation and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Mission Statement

Reset Dialogues US, with its partner organization Reset DOC, is dedicated to promoting cultural pluralism, the rule of law and human rights. Our reputation is built upon a record of convening professionals, intellectuals, graduate students, and community members from around the world and assembling publications on democracy and pluralism in both established and developing democracies. We plan to reinforce our attention on the areas most urgently in need of substantive, high-level dialogue.

An atmosphere of extreme political polarization is undermining deliberative democracy in our societies. Partisan divisions seem to defy mediation and are transforming fellow citizens into enemies who prize political victory more than they value the common good. Our priorities and projects aim to:

-Draw upon existing models to help overcome divisions in the thorniest policy realms.

-Find common bases for reconciliation in the aftermath of damaging political rifts.

-Pursue the definition of social justice objectives across contexts, from the recognition of religions and cultures to aid and intervention in foreign affairs.

Our activities make an impact by identifying settings and tools to improve upon democratic practices. We aim to facilitate civil debate in the public discourse, thereby encouraging a sustainable and pluralistic civil society through the multiplier effect of our program participants and our readers online and in print.

The distinctiveness of our approach is to bring a mix of several cultural backgrounds together to every discussion and research publication that we produce. Reset Dialogues is neither a think tank nor a university faculty. It sets the stage for high-level discussions by leveraging and constantly expanding its unique interdisciplinary and diverse group of scholars. We are cultivating an enduring network of academics and policy professionals who can collaborate for years to come.


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