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In recent times we are witnessing an incremental rise in the resurgence of authoritarian trends, the spread of essentialist values and violence stemming from identitarian conflicts across the world. Against the backdrop of this global crisis of liberal values, Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (DOC), an international non-profit organization, works to promote cultural pluralism, toleration and human rights to disseminate an alternative understanding of how society and politics can change.

Since its foundation in 2004, Reset Dialogues on Civilizations has been committed to producing new scientific insights through critical thinking in order to analyze the causes of cultural, ethnic and religious conflicts.

Over the years a wide number of experts, academics, intellectuals, politicians and policy makers have joined us in discussing theoretical and political issues.

Together, we have formed a broad international network in which varied cultural viewpoints are constantly connected and compared through a pluralist debate whose aim is to foster cross-cultural relations, awareness and a positive social attitude towards the other.

By organizing cultural events, international conferences and seminars, publishing books on topical issues and managing an online magazine, Reset Dialogues brings its work and its approach to a wide audience – from policy analysts and governors to universities and newsrooms – whilst encouraging a pluralist propensity in public opinion.

These activities and the achievement of their goals require significant resources. Those who share Reset DOC’s commitment to liberal thinking, democracy and cultural pluralism are invited to offer their support through financial contributions and intellectual engagement.



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