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The international association Reset Dialogues on Civilizations is launching the Casablanca School, a yearly international program on cultural and religious pluralism and political liberties. The purpose is to promote a local intellectual response to the rise of rigorist strands of Islamic thought by training 30 emerging opinion-leaders on the relationship between religion, history and power and to contribute to the reawakening of pluralistic traditions in Muslim contexts.
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In Plato’s metaphor of the cave, a philosopher leaves the cave and brings back news from the world outside. A single fugitive can bring one truth, but several fugitive-philosophers would bring back diverse accounts. None of them can be proven the one unquestionably true account of what is outside the cave. That authority in the cave rules legitimately when confined to the area of overlapping of these accounts: that is what John Rawls calls public “reason”. This way of justifying a pluralistic stance, avoids the trap of turning the defense of pluralism into a non-plural truth and understands it as “most reasonable for us”.
The Istanbul Seminars 2015, organised by Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations in partnership with the Istanbul Bilgi University, will bring together for the eighth time philosophers, political analysts and sociologists for a week on the Bosphorus.
Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations is delighted to announce that the American philosopher of Turkish origin, Seyla Benhabib, a professor at Yale University and president of our Scientific Committee since 2013, has won the prestigious 2014 Meister-Eckhard Preis. The award will be presented to her on May 19th at Cologne University in Germany, for her scientific contribution to philosophical research on changing identities, globalisation and migration.