The Dublin Seminars

An international forum and summer school on the prospects for democracy, human rights, secularism and religion across different cultures.

The Dublin Seminars, in partnership with Boston College Ireland and Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, have kicked out last year to establish as a remarkable cultural appointment, able to promote and consolidate a network of cultural, intellectual and academic relationships among senior and junior scholars in the social sciences, political theory, sociology, legal and religious studies. Thanks to its cross-cultural inspiration, the Dublin Seminars function as an original think tank for a thorough understanding of the challenges facing democracy, politics and international relations in the 21st-century world.


Recent speakers, faculty and participants:

Cengiz Aktar, Karen Barkey, Giancarlo Bosetti, Marco Bresciani, Salim Cevik, Johanna Chovanec, Marta Craveri, Anna Colin Lebedev, Mike Cronin, Riccardo Cucciolla, Mark Duncan, Alessandro Ferrara, Robert Gerwarth, Andrea Graziosi, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Costantin Iordachi, Jonathan Laurence, Pieter Judson, Mark Kramer, Marlène Laruelle, Mark Lilla, Alessia Passarelli, David Rasmussen, Clemens Ruthner, Yuli Tamir.



Dublin Conference and Seminars 2023: Nationalism, Nation-Building, and the Decline of Empires




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