Casablanca, Morocco, hosted in July an important international conference on Sources of Pluralism in Islamic Thought. This is a topical subject, but above all one worthy of being debated with the wider public, whose perception is that Islam has been a never-changing monolith with no internal differentiations since the days of Muhammad.
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The international association Reset Dialogues on Civilizations is launching the Casablanca School, a yearly international program on cultural and religious pluralism and political liberties. The purpose is to promote a local intellectual response to the rise of rigorist strands of Islamic thought by training 30 emerging opinion-leaders on the relationship between religion, history and power and to contribute to the reawakening of pluralistic traditions in Muslim contexts.
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Fondation du Roi Abdul-Aziz
An International symposium organised by Reset Dialogues on Civilizations in partnership with the King Abdul-Aziz Foundation and the Granada Institute for Higher Education and Research.