• Israel’s actions in no way justify anti-Semitic reactions, especially not in Germany. It is intolerable that Jews in Germany are once again exposed to threats to life and limb and have to fear physical violence on the streets. The democratic ethos of the Federal Republic of Germany, which is orientated towards the obligation to respect human dignity, is linked to a political culture for which Jewish life and Israel’s right to exist are central elements worthy of special protection in light of the mass crimes of the Nazi era.
  • Hussein Ibish 6 July 2023
    The US Supreme Court has issued another shocking but unsurprising ruling that arbitrarily dispenses with precedents and upends long-settled law at the expense of the historically disempowered: now African American and Latino students will be deprived of “affirmative action” programmes considering race in university admissions. However, the assumption there was a shared originary understanding of the Constitution is false since the Constitution has been aggressively colour-conscious throughout its history, mainly at the expense of minority groups
  • Manuela Dviri 12 June 2023
    Israeli rallies began in November, after Netanyahu’s victory and the formation of a new government through a coalition of six right-wing parties. At a press conference held on January 4, Minister of Justice Yariv Levin announced the government’s plan to reform the judicial branch that would empower the executive branch to override it.
  • Rabii El Gamrani 31 March 2023
    Morocco introduced a National Strategy for Immigration and Asylum in 2014 to integrate migrants into society. A legalization campaign granted residence permits to thousands of sub-Saharan migrants. However, challenges persist, including inadequate legal instruments, unclear regularization procedures, and difficulties finding employment. The UNHCR handles asylum claims, leading to long waiting times. Tightening permit renewal conditions have left many migrants in limbo, fearing deportation. Some migrants have successfully integrated into society, but the overall management of migration remains complex, with limited local involvement and growing impatience among some Moroccans towards migrants.
  • Jocelyne Cesari 16 March 2023
    Since 9/11, it has gained political traction over Europe and the US to decry all types of ethnic and religious prejudice against Muslims who are not only immigrants but also citizens. In the last decade, the surge of Islamophobia has become worldwide, reaching India, China and even Muslim countries.
  • Federica Zoja 14 March 2023
    Tunisia is undergoing an authoritarian pivot that seems to be taking back to a time before the Jasmine Revolution paved the way for democracy. It is not difficult to find those who recognize this trend, not only among President Kaïs Saied detractors but even among those who originally supported him. Very few, however, agree to do so in the light of day, putting their name and face to it. Once again, it’s a time for “prudence,” “risk calculation,” “always better to avoid,” because the risks of retaliation even for one’s own family members are real. Reset DOC talks with Tunisian intellectuals, Amel Grami and Zyed Krichen to gauge moods and anxieties over the future of their country in view of the instauration of the Assembly on March 15th.
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