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Reset Dialogues on Civilizations is an international association founded in 2004 committed to fostering research and publications on cross-cultural and international relations, cultural and religious pluralism, advancements of human rights, the evolution of democracy in different civilizational environments. These goals have been pursued and continue to be achieved by:

Generating Scientific Insights on Cultural Pluralism.
Analyzing The Root Causes of Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Conflicts.
Connecting Different Cultural Viewpoints in Scholarly Research.
Promoting a Culture of Pluralism, Toleration, Human Rights.

Founded after 9/11– in the mid of the global debate over the ‘clash of civilizations’ – by a group of scholars with different cultural and religious backgrounds, Reset DOC promotes knowledge and understanding among different cultures through research, seminars and publications, in social sciences and humanities.

Following these ideas, in March 2006, Reset DOC opened its first year of activities with an international conference: “Beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism” held in Cairo; and in 2008 and 2009, in Doha, invited intellectuals and politicians to discuss about “Global Media between Dialogue and Clash” (2008), and “East and West: Women’s perception through Media’s eyes” (2009).

Reset DOC also publishes an online journal, resetdoc.org, specialized in issues related to cross-cultural relations and dialogue. On this online magazine the association publishes essays, analysis, conference proceedings, video interviews, with top international thinkers. Some of resetdoc.org’s contents are translated into Italian and published on the website reset.it.




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