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Ten years after the first spark of the Arab Springs, this monograph, featuring the contributions of academics, constitutionalists, diplomats and journalists experts on the MENA region, seeks to revisit the development of Tunisia’s democratic project, which has transformed from a newborn bud to a young plant that is exposed to the elements, yet remains deeply rooted to the ground. If courageous impulse strategies, even more urgent after the Covid-19 crisis, are not approved quickly, a new season of instability, both political and economic, looms.
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The current political situation in Post-Soviet countries, primarily the Russian Federation, raises questions about the cultural roots of today’s prevailing nationalist political ideologies and behaviours. The international scientific community has to overcome the lack of knowledge about Russia’s Post-Soviet history, also in order to avoid the sheer repetition of old clichés – liberal -western opinions versus a despotic-eastern world
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Fondazione Corriere della Sera + ONLINE
The pandemic shock, the “titanic”, but still on-paper, reaction with the Next Generation EU package, the multiple threats and tensions in the neighborhood and the “vanishing” momentum for democracy globally. Where is the EU heading after the shock(s) of 2020? A special double initiative by ResetDOC and Fondazione Corriere della Sera.
Williamsburg (United States)
An International Conference organized by Reset DOC and Reset Dialogues in partnership with the College of William & Mary taking place in Williamsburg, VA, United States.
Tunis (Tunisia)
An international conference on the evolution of democracy organized by Reset DOC in partnership with Carep – Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the support of the Italian Minstry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation