The Tunisian Exception. Profile of a Unique Political Laboratory

With the Arab Spring occurring almost a decade ago, the Tunisian Republic’s political, social and economic unique responses towards the upheavals of Arab Spring have continued to stand out compared to their North African and Middle Eastern neighbors. This monograph, with contributions from academics, constitutionalists, diplomats and journalists who are experts on the MENA area, is the result of a need to revisit the development of this North African country’s democratic project, which has transformed from a newborn bud to a young plant that is exposed to the elements, yet remains deeply rooted to the ground. The focus is on the dangers that the smallest political laboratory in the Mediterranean might encounter if a few corrections are not made to its course over the short-medium term: a new season of instability, political and economic, looms, if courageous and ready impulse strategies, even more urgent after the crisis from Covid-19, are not approved quickly.


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The Tunisian Exception

Profile of a unique political laboratory

Editor: Federica Zoja

Contributors: Yadh Ben Achour, Lindsay J. Benstead, Aymen Boughanmi, Lorenzo Fanara, Emanuele Felice, Wael Garnaoui, Nader Hammami, Ruth Hanau Santini, Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, Federica Zoja

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Federica Zoja


Part I – Democracy under Construction

I. A heartfelt call to save Tunisia’s Democracy – Yadh Ben Achour

II. Individual and collective liberties in Tunisia. Constitutional path and Islamization attempt – Nader Hammami

III. The only game left in town? Tunisia Ennahda’s strategic weakness – Ruth Hanau Santini

IV. Political liberalism: what remains 10 years after the revolution? – Federica Zoja


Part II – Social Transformations

V. The political management of violent extremism in Tunisia – Wael Garnaoui

VI. Women’s political participation in Tunisia – Lindsay J. Benstead

VII. Populism and conservatism, two sides of the same coin – Aymen Boughanmi


Part III – The Regional Chessboard

VIII. Two ideas of development. Tunisia in the global struggle – Emanuele Felice

IX. Economic stagnation and multicultural integration: the dual challenge for Europe – Ferdinando Nelli Feroci

X. The Italian-Tunisian strategic partnership in the Mediterranean – Lorenzo Fanara




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