Who we are

One shared mission, two distinct entities

Founded after 9/11– in the midst of the global debate over the ‘clash of civilizations’ – by a group of scholars with different cultural and religious backgrounds, Reset Dialogues on Civilizations promotes cultural and religious pluralism, research and the advancement of human rights and democracy in different civilizational environments. Reset pursues this mission by convening workshops and seminars internationally and through the publication of cutting-edge analysis and scholarship. Organized as separate nonprofit organizations in Italy and the US, Reset DOC (Europe) and Reset Dialogues (US) are governed by different boards and oversee distinct program areas, but they share a single advisory council and global mission with five objectives:


–> Promoting a culture of pluralism, toleration, human rights protected by strong democratic institutions.
–> Fostering an international network of young professionals from diverse origins.
–> Generating scholarly insights on cultural and religious pluralism.
–> Analyzing the root causes of cultural and religious conflicts.
–> Connecting scholars from different cultural and religious viewpoints.


Working together, Reset DOC and Reset Dialogues engage in programmatic cooperation to promote multi-year projects of varying geographical and cultural scope. The European office oversees the web magazine and other publications, the annual Venice Seminars, all other European events and partnerships, as well as religious pluralism programs. The American office manages U.S.-based and Transatlantic partnerships and the North African Seminars on Pluralism.

Together they are working to cultivate a knowledge base and an enduring network of academics and policy professionals who can collaborate for years to come.



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