Philosophy & Social Criticism: Venice Seminars 2020 (vol 47 no 4, 2021)

Special Issue: Venice Seminars 2020; Communities and the Individual: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Divide

This volume gathers the articles presented at the 2020 ResetDOC Venice Seminars, which were held online from May 25 to May 29, 2020.

The 2020 Venice Seminars addressed the topic of “Communities and the Individual: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Divide

Editors: Alessandro Ferrara, Volker Kaul and David Rasmussen



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Table of Contents

Annotations 391



Communities and the individual: Beyond the liberal–communitarian divide 392
Volker Kaul


Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Divide

Individual and community 402
Michael Walzer

Where is the Breughel Village? Community and the radical tradition 408
Sudipta Kaviraj

Human rights, belonging and the challenge of difference 426
Adam B. Seligman

Mapping the individual and the community in Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. 440
Ramin Jahanbegloo


Communities and the Individual in Times of Populism and the Pandemic

Populism, localism and democratic citizenship 447
Stephen Macedo

Democracy, science and the state: Reflections on the disaster(s) of our times 477
Seyla Benhabib

‘Cin ciun cian’ (ching chong): Yellowness and neo-orientalism in Italy at the time of COVID-19 486
Toshio Miyake


The Liberal-Communitarian Divide from a Global Perspective

Under duress: Community and individual as solace and escape in the Middle East 512
Lisa Anderson

Democracy without democrats, identity-formation and religions: The challenge of cross-pollinating self-perception in the post-Arabic spring contexts 522
Najib George Awad

Preserving spontaneous order: A normative reflection of community building in post-reform China 534
Chunrong Liu



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