Philosophy & Social Criticism: Venice Seminars 2022 (vol 49 no 5, 2023)

Special Issue: Venice Seminars 2022; Between State and Civil Society: Who Protects Individual Liberties and Human Dignity?

This volume gathers the articles presented at the 2022 ResetDOC Venice Seminars, which were held online from May 23 to May 28, 2022.

The 2022 Venice Seminars addressed the topic of “Between State and Civil Society: Who Protects Individual Liberties and Human Dignity?

Editors: Alessandro Ferrara, Volker Kaul and David Rasmussen


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Table of Contents

Annotations 521



Liberalism and the problem of domination 552

Volker Kaul


Liberalism as Recognition

Defending rights. Between parliaments and courts 533

Giuliano Amato

“For whom the bell tolls”? A ‘vulnerability-responsability’ model based on democratic and ‘dignified’ transactions” 538

Subrata Mitra

Roles and rights in the context of just governance and just social mores 554
Seán Golden

From Chinese civil society to Chinese civil sphere: A conceptual reconfiguration of the space between state and society that facilitates intellectual debates 568
Runya Qiaoan


Liberalism as Non-domination

Legitimizing political power from below. A reinterpretation of the founding myths of Thebes, Athens, and Rome as a critique against private and public violence 581
Marina Calloni 

From resistance to transformation – The journey to develop a framework to explore the transformative potential of environmental resistance practice 599
Mengmeng Cui, Daniele Brombal

“Unpacking state-society relations in the urban space: What are the Limit(s) of compromise?”. The dilemma about answering such a question and some recent Venetian experiences 621
Silvio Cristiano 




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