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The current political situation in Post-Soviet countries, primarily the Russian Federation, raises questions about the cultural roots of today’s prevailing nationalist political ideologies and behaviours. The international scientific community has to overcome the lack of knowledge about Russia’s Post-Soviet history, also in order to avoid the sheer repetition of old clichés – liberal -western opinions versus a despotic-eastern world
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How to develop democracy in Latin America or Africa, not just applying Western ideas but adapting local culture? Asks von Vacano: “if we understand theories across cultures we might be able to develop more permanent conceptions and constitutions that are democratic. Example: all inclusion of minorities – where already the ancient Athenian democracy model failed – Bolivia today has incorporated the indigenous groups, applying its cultural roots into democratic theory and constitution.”
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On the occasion of the screening of “Against the Current”, a documentary produced by the Lebanese Foundation Aydan on the theme of tolerance in the experiences of four religious figures in Lebanon, the promoters have organized a seminar aimed at discussing the current situation of interreligious dialogue in Jordan and in the region. The purpose of this event – the second one in a series of annual seminars on “Religions and Violence” – is to promote a forum of dialogue involving Jordanian institutions, universities and schools, also in view of Amman’s front line engagement for peace, tolerance and pluralism.