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The key aim of this project is to strengthen dialogue and common research between Europe and North Africa for promoting and researching on democratic culture, cooperation aimed at forming and strengthening the human and intellectual resources of freedom, critical thinking, tolerance and pluralism from inside both the European and the Arab tradition.
Philosophers Bridge the Bosphorus-Close encounters across all divides was the motto of this conference, that reached its 9th edition in May 2016. The previewed 10th edition in Istanbul has been suspended and our Reset DOC Dialogues will take place in Venice on 8th/10th June 2017, in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University, Cini Foundation and Bilgi University on the topic “The Populist Upsurge and the Decline of Diversity Capital”.
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How do social, religious and political communities foster genuine and lasting reconciliation? What are the viable paths to achieving reconciliation: by way of civil society and social movements, or via diplomacy, truth commissions and official declarations? And is there a complementary role for theology in the process of reconstructing identity? Comparing theories, experiences and best practices, this international conference will aim at generating useful insights and concrete policy recommendations for all stakeholders involved in sensitive reconciliation processes at different latitudes.
Call for Applications for graduate students to attend the Expo 2015 Summer School. READ: Reset-DoC special focus – “Nourishing the soul. Food and Religions”
Resetdoc is pleased to announce the new edition of our dialogues about cultural pluralism in Milan, Italy, which started in 2013. This series of international conference is a project directed by Giancarlo Bosetti and promoted by Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations and Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, in cooperation with Università Università degli Studi di Milano, Politecnico, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Radio Popolare and with the Patronage of the City Milano and of the Fondazione Cariplo.


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