“Art is before anything, the confrontation with one’s destiny”, wrote the Lebanese poet, Nadia Tuéni. And the Lebanese have had indeed no choice but to confront their destiny. Against all odds, the last years of repression and depression, marked by the October 2019 revolution, the port’s blast, and the financial crisis, have given rise to a buoyant creativity in all forms.
The international association Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations, founded by Nina zu Fürstenberg and Giancarlo Bosetti, will present the Reset‐Dialogues on Civilizations Award for intercultural dialogue to the short film “Vivo e Veneto” (Italy 2014, 8’) within the context of the 21st edition of the Capalbio International Short Film Festival, hosted in the Tuscan town from July 24th to July 27th. The film was presented in the category for Short Comedy and directed by Francesco Bovo.
The international association Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations has chosen the winner of the “Reset-DOC Dialogues between Cultures” Award 2014 at the Rendez-Vous Festival, an event held in Italy (2 april – 10 May) dedicated to the new French cinema. This year’s winner is Rithy Panh, the Cambodian director, script writer and producer who emigrated to France, and who for decades has been committed with his many films and documentaries to reporting and denouncing the atrocities committed by Pol Pot’s regime. Resetdoc will present the award for his film “L’image manquante” on April 6th 2014 at the Casa del Cinema in Rome.


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