Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul Seminars 2008
6 October 2008

June 2008: It is again in Istanbul that ResetDoC started carrying out an annual meeting that, for one week, involves academics and post-lauream students belonging to different geographical and cultural areas of the East and the West. ResetDoC annual seminars are intended to promote, develop, and eventually consolidate a network of cultural and scientific relationships in social sciences, political philosophy, political theory, sociology, law studies, and religion studies. The issues that will be addressed will deal with the relationships among different civilizations facing the challenges of today’s world. In order to develop program and contents of the Seminars, an executive committee has been established. Its members are: Seyla Benhabib, Giancarlo Bosetti, Alessandro Ferrara, Abdou Filali-Ansary, Nina zu Fürstenberg, Nilüfer Göle, Ferda Keskin, Nadia Urbinati. At this year’s Seminars participated, amongst others, Seyla Benhabib, Abdou Filali-Ansary, Alfred Stepan, Alessandro Ferrara, David Rasmussen, Benjamin Barber, Juergen Habermas, Giancarlo Bosetti, Giuliano Amato, Murat Belge, Ian Buruma, Emrah Efe Cakmak, Ayşe Kadıoğlu, Etyen Mahçupyan, Soli Özel, Niluefer Goele, Abdelmajid Charfi, Yeşim Arat, Ayşen Candaş Bilgen, Nil Mutluer, Aksu Bora, Jean Cohen, Ahmed Moussalli, Ramin Jahanbegloo, Andrew March, Hassan Hanafi, Michael Walzer, Avishai Margalit, Andrew Arato, Fuat Keyman, Maeve Cooke, Carlos Thiebaut, Drucilla Cornell, Massimo Rosati, Arus Yumul, G.H. Thyssen Bornemisza, Murat Borovali.



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