Doha, April 19th: Women and the Media
1 April 2009

Doha, April 19th: Women and the Media

ResetDoC and the Northwestern University, Doha

April 19th – Qatar Foundation, Education City, Doha, Qatar, at 9.30 a.m.

The East and the West: women in the eyes of the media

How does the media portray women in the West? How are they portrayed in the East? What are the differences? What are the similarities? The media’s perception and the risk of stereotyping the role of women and their condition in a global world. These are the themes around which ResetDoc’s 2009 Doha Conference will develop.

Preliminary programme

Opening speech:
John Margolis, Dean of the Northwestern University Qatar
Nina zu Fürstenberg, a director of Reset Dialogue on Civilizations


– Marina Calloni, Bicocca University, Milan
Italy, the Balkans and the European perception.
– Daniela Conte, Luiss University, Rome
Women and Muslim women in the Italian and Southern European media.
– Saadia I. Malik, Qatar University
The Eastern and Western media and their perception of North African Muslim women in the American Press.
– Sabine Schiffer, Media Responsibility Institute, Germany
Women and Muslim Women in Germany and in the North European media
– Naomi Sakr, University of Westminster, London
Women and the Media in Saudi Arabia: Rhetoric, Reductionism and Reality.
– Mimi White, Northwestern University, Doha


Documentary: Stereotypes on TV, directed by Zouhair Louassini
– Muhammad Ayish, University of Sharjah, UAE,
The recent launch of Arab women’s new media startegy.
– Khadija Ben Guenna (*) Al Jazeera Network Arabic
– Giancarlo Bosetti, Director of Reset, leader writer for La Repubblica
– Monica Maggioni, RAI, Italian state-owned radio and television channel
– Dima Matar (*)
– Mohsen Marzouk, Arab Democracy Foundation
– Robert Ménard, Direttore di Doha Media Freedom Center
– Giovanna Melandri, Italian Member of Parliament and cultural representative of the Italian Democratic Party.
– Wadah Khanfar/ Mr. Ahmed Sheik (*), CEO for Al Jazeera Network/ Organisational director for Al Jazeera
– Mohamed Zayani, Georgetown University



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