Call for Contributors – Are you the pen behind our next story?
15 January 2024

Want to be the pen behind our next analysis?


Reset Dialogues on Civilizations invites would-be authors to send their article/story pitches relating to any of the following topics and their relevance across different countries/civilizational contexts:

_ Political, Cultural and Religious Pluralism;
_ Minorities and Tolerance/Intolerance in International Affairs;

_ Cross-Cultural and/or Cross-Religious Dialogue;
The Advancement/Renewal of Democracy, and Emerging Threats to it;
_ Broader issues of Political Theory and Philosophy.

Our stories/analyses are typically 1.200 to 1.500 words long, based on reliable, verifiable sources, and inspired by highest quality and relevance of reflection.

Writing skills in English and original ideas on topics and stories are a must.

The typical ResetDOC contributor is a journalist and/or researcher.

Authors of all ages – especially young authors and those from underrepresented backgrounds – are encouraged to submit writing proposals.

Our online magazine is read by over 200,000 visitors each year.

If you see yourself in the profile and are interested in this opportunity, please send a pitch of your first article proposal, along with a short professional presentation of yourself, at



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