Venice Seminars 2019: The Final Roundtable

Giuliano Amato; Sheri Berman; Mohsen Kadivar, Yael Tamir, Michel Wieviorka. A panel of highly distinguished speakers closed up the last edition of the Venice Seminars dedicated to the highly pressing challenge of the “dehydration” of the tradional sources of democracy.

The yearly international gathering organized by ResetDOC in cooperation with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini saw the participation and engagement of dozens of scholars from around the world – from China to Iran, from the US to the Arab world. A widely shared concern with the fate of liberal democracy in a world increasingly challenged by extremist and nationalist pushes laid the ground for enriching presentations and debates, with the active involvement of the students and young scholars selected to take part in the parallel Summer School.

In order to give the discussions held maximum circulation, what follow are the proceedings of the closing roundtable of the 2019 Seminars, chaired by Ambassador Pasquale Ferrara. So proposed, the presentations given by the distinguished speakers make up a remarkable chorus of voices on the way forward for a true “re-birth” of democracy.



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