Convening 29 June 2020 Online Summer School Program
Tolerance: Legal and Constitutional Perspectives from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
Carthage (ONLINE)

The Carthage School on Cultural Pluralism and Political Liberties

The Third Annual Reset Dialogues Seminars in North Africa

29 June – 03 July 2020

Online, Via Zoom


14:00-19:00 (Carthage/Algiers/Rabat Time, GMT +1)

15:00-20:00 (Rome, GMT+2)

16:00-21:00 (Baghdad/Beirut, GMT+3)

09:00-14:00 (New York, GMT -5)

06:00-11:00 (San Francisco, GMT -8)


Organized by Reset Dialogues on Civilizations Association in Milan and Reset Dialogues US, in collaboration with The Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts “Beit al-Hikma”, and the support of the Henry Luce Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The following schedule is according to Rome Time.



Opening Lesson and Introduction


3-3:30 pm – Introduction 

Giancarlo Bosetti / Mohammed Hashas / Federica Zoja / Jonathan Laurence


4 pm  – Lesson 1: Mohamed Haddad (Carthage University, Tunisia)

Tunisia and the Pandemics: Secularization of Society and the State in “the Long Term”


4.50 – 5 pm Break


5 pm  – Lesson 2: Soumia Boutkhil (Mohammed I University, Oujda, Morocco)

Women and Justice and Equity in Contemporary Morocco 


5.50 – 6 pm Break


6 pm – Lesson 3Sari Hanafi (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)

Gender Equality in the Inheritance Debate in Tunisia and the Formation of Non-Authoritarian Reasoning


6.50 – 7 pm Break


7 pm – Lesson 4: Jonathan Laurence (Boston College, US)

Paths to Toleration in the US and Europe



3 pm – Lesson 1: Nader Hammami (University omf Carthage)

Representations of Evil and Suffering in Islamic Thought



3.50 – 4 pm Break


4 pm – Lesson 2: Jocelyne Cesari (Georgetown and Birmingham Universities (US/UK))

Political Islam and why it matters for Religious Pluralism and Tolerance



4.50 – 5 pm Break


5 pm – Lesson 3: Mohamed Mesbahi (Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco)

Freedom in classical Arab Philosophy: Ibn Arabi and Ibn Roshd 


5.50-6 pm Break


6 pm – Lesson 4Debora Spini (Syracuse University in Florence) 

Protestant Reformation, Toleration, Freedom of Religion: Theology and Politics



Wed., 1 July -Thurs. 2 July: International Conference (open to the public)


2 pm – Workshop in groups




3 pm – Lesson 1: Mohammed Hashas (Luiss University of Rome; Fscire-La Pira Centre, Palermo)

Liberty in Contemporary Arab Thought


3.50 – 4 pm Break


4 pm – Lesson 2: Alessandro Ferrari (University of Insubria in Varese)

Religion and Law in Europe


4.50 – 5 pm Break


5 pm – Lesson 3Federica Zoja (Reset Dialogues on Civilizations)

Religious Freedom in the European Media


5.50 – 6 pm Break

6 – 6:15 pm Conclusions





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