Convening 29 June 2020 Online Summer School Application
Tolerance: Legal and Constitutional Perspectives from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
Carthage (ONLINE)

The Third Annual Reset Dialogues Seminars on Pluralism in North Africa

Summer School ONLINE
29 June – 03 July, 2020

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations | Reset Dialogues US | The Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts (Beit al-Hikma)

With the support of the Henry Luce Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation


The challenge of cultural and political pluralism has become a common area for improvement within both established and developing democracies. The debate about critical issues, ranging from electoral pluralism to the role of religion in public life, traverses the Mediterranean and will continue beyond the Covid-19 crisis. This year, Reset Dialogues will assemble a broad range of scholars and researchers in the virtual home of Beit al Hikma in Carthage, Tunisia. The Tunisian experience illustrates the complexity of the compromise between tradition and modernity, confessional rigor and openness to religious and political pluralism. Taking advantage of the serious economic stagnation across the region, the forces of authoritarianism, radicalism and militancy stand poised to fill any power vacuums that occur.

The Carthage Seminars, following previous editions of the Casablanca Seminars in 2018 and 2019, will again create a forum for in-depth and critical analysis of the relations between religion, history and political dynamics in European and Mediterranean societies. Participants will engage in a thorough review of legal and constitutional perspectives. The program will bring together top-tier academics from the Middle East and North Africa, the US, and Europe, alongside young scholars and international pool of young professionals and opinion leaders from the fields of education, journalism, and social media who have the abilities and potential to reach and engage with a wide public, to discuss vibrant issues of regional and world-scale importance. The working languages of the Seminars are Arabic and English, with simultaneous translation.


Academic Advisory Board
Giancarlo Bosetti (Reset DOC, Milan)
Abdelmajid Charfi (Tunisian Academy for Sciences, Letters, and Arts “Beit al-Hikma”)
Jocelyne Cesari (Georgetown and Birmingham Universities)
Mohamed Haddad (University of Carthage, Tunis)
Mohammed Hashas (FSCIRE-La Pira Centre, Palermo; LUISS University of Rome)
Jonathan Laurence (Boston College)
Federica Zoja (ResetDOC, Avvenire)


English and Arabic. A simultaneous translation from English to Arabic and vice-versa will be provided.

Summer School 2020
June 29 – July 3, 2020


Students, young scholars, researchers, journalists, and media professionals in the field of humanities and social sciences are welcome to participate in the Carthage Summer School that will take ONLINE from June 29 to July 3, 2020. 

Have at least a good working knowledge of English and/or Arabic.


In order to apply to the Summer School please click here, complete the form and send your application by June 20, 2020.


Application requirements:

1. Curriculum Vitae.
2. A personal ID (Passport or National Identity Document).
3. References are appreciated but not indispensable.

Small grants are available for non-salaried participants to facilitate their internet connection during the Seminars and their follow-up activities. The participants who need to apply for the grants need to contact us at

In order to receive the certificate of attendance and grant of the Summer School, attendance to all lectures, workshops and conference speeches is mandatory.

For additional information on the application process please contact Marco Lucidi:

For any additional information regarding logistics please contact Sofia De Benedictis:




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