Tolerance: Legal and Constitutional Perspectives from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
Carthage (ONLINE)

Carthage Seminars, Online Via ZOOM

The Third Annual Reset Dialogues Seminars on Pluralism in North Africa

01 July – 02 July, 2020

14:00-19:00 (Carthage/Alger/Rabat Time, GMT +1)

15:00-20:00 (Rome, GMT+2)

16:00-21:00 (Baghdad/Beirut, GMT+3)

09:00-14:00 (New York, GMT -5)

06:00-11:00 (San Francisco, GMT -8)

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations | Reset Dialogues US | The Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts (Beit al-Hikma)



Day 1 –  Wednesday 01 July 2020

15:00-15:45 (Rome Time)


Opening Session and Introduction 

Abdelmajid Charfi, President, Beit el-Hikma; Professor, University of Tunis

Giancarlo Bosetti, Chair, Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (DOC), Milan 

Jonathan Laurence, Director, Reset Dialogues US; Professor, Boston College

Mohammed Hashas, Scientific Coordinator, Reset DOC; LUISS University & FSCIRE-Palermo

Federica Zoja, Scientific Coordinator, Reset DOC; Journalist, Avvenire, Milano


Reset Dialogues – Video (5 min.) 


Session 1  – Liberty in Mediterranean constitutional traditions: changes and challenges

Panel 1Constitutional liberties in Arab societies
15:45- 17:00

Mohammad Fadel, On Islam and Constitutionalism

Jocelyne Cesari, Conflation of Religious and Political Pluralism: the Dilemma of Modern Islamic Thinking

Mohamed Haddad, Tunisia from 2014 to 2018: How to Evaluate the Democratique Process? (in Arabic)

Chair: Jonathan Laurence, Boston College; Reset US


Coffee Break 17:00-17:30 


Panel 2: Political liberties in Arab thought


Abdeljabbar Rifai, Pluralism, and the Structures of Ethics in Creed and Fiqh Jurisprudence (in Arabic)

Mohamed Mesbahi, Political liberties in the Contemporary Arab World (in Arabic)

Suzanne Kassab, Enlightenment and Political Humanism on the Eve of the Arab Revolts

Chair: Mohammed Hashas, Reset DOC; FSCIRE-Palermo


Panel 3Liberty in European and American constitutions and institutions

Silvio Ferrari, Freedom of Religion or Belief in Europe. New Challenges and New Answers for the European Unification Process

Alberto Melloni, The Catholic Paradox of Liberty in the Italian Constitution

Jonathan Laurence, Paths to Toleration in the US and Europe

Chair: Federica Zoja, Reset DOC



Day 2, Thursday 02 July 2020


Session 2 – Pluralism and liberty: tolerating conflicting values

Panel 1 – Theoretical and Juridical Considerations North and South of the Mediterranean

Debora Spini, Post Secularisation, Democratic Pluralism, and Manipulation of Religion

Alessandro Ferrari, Through the Mirror of Religious Freedom: The Two Mediterranean Shores and the Challenge of Universalism

Nader Hammami, Cultural Identity and Freedom of Conscience in Tunisia (in Arabic)

Chair: Giancarlo Bosetti, Reset DOC


Panel 2 –  Gender Issues and Political Transformation in the Current Maghreb  

Soumia Boutkhil, The Obstructed Pipeline: Obstacles to Decision-making Positions for Women in Morocco

Amel Boubekeur, On Algerian Current Socio-Political Revolts: Aspirations and Challenges

Mounir Kchaou,  Pluralism, Populism and the Shaping of the Political System in the Tunisian Constitution of 2014

Chair: Mohamed Haddad, University of Carthage


Coffee Break 17:30-18:00 


Panel 3 – The Role of Social Sciences in Promoting Cultural Pluralism 

Lisa Anderson, Social Science and Truth: What Makes Tolerance?

Sari Hanafi, Social Sciences and Moral Philosophy

Chair: Hala Wertani, Beit al-Hikma


Roundtable: Covid-19 Crisis: Reflections on the Digital World, Religion, Liberties and State Surveillance 

18:45-19:45 {Livestream on YouTube}

Nader Hashemi, Jocelyne Cesari, Alberto Melloni, Mohamed Haddad, Sari Hanafi, Giancarlo Bosetti



Concluding notes




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