Convening 24 May 2021 Online (Zoom) Summer School Application
Free Speech, Its Primacy and Challenges

The 2021 Summer School “Free Speech, its Primacy and Challenges” is organized by the Department of Asian and North African Studies at the University of Ca’ Foscari in collaboration with Reset Dialogues on Civilizations.

Through its lectures, workshops, and the Seminars, the Summer School will aim to address the foundations for a truly global and cross-cultural conversation about the primacy of freedom of speech and where to draw its limits. It will aim to analyze not only its importance in Western democracies, but also explore free speech and its place in non-western contexts from a comparative perspective.

There is no cost to attend the Venice Summer School.

The Summer School is structured in lectures and workshops. All enrolled students are going to be assigned to one of three workshops.

In the workshops, students discuss and elaborate on one specific issue of the overall topic and prepare a short presentation on the last day of the Summer School.


Evaluation: Presentation during the Reset DOC Seminars and attendance (40%); final paper to be submitted three weeks after the end of the summer school (60%).


University Credits: Students will work for a total of 150 hours (6 ECTS).

For Ca’ Foscari students only: 

– For LEISAAM and LICAAM students the Summer School will be recognized as a substitute internship activity (Studenti LEISAAM e LICAAM: riconoscimento come attività sostitutiva di tirocinio).

– For MIM and LAMAC students the excess credits (CFU) gained through the Summer School will be recognized as a substitute internship activity (Studenti MIM e LAMAC: riconoscimento come attività sostitutiva di tirocinio dei CFU in sovrannumero).


Application requirements: Applicants should be students or young scholars in the field of humanities, social and political science, or law. A good working knowledge of English is a requirement

To apply, please e-mail the following to

  1. A short cover letter explaining your interest in the summer school (max 300 words).
  2. Your curriculum vitae.
  3. A personal ID (Passport or National Identity Document).
  4. References are welcome but not indispensable.

The deadline for applications is 14 May 2021.

NB: In order to receive the certificate of attendance of the Summer School, attendance to all lectures, workshops and conference speeches is mandatory.


Scientific Committee: Stefano Beggiora (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Daniele Brombal (Ca’ Foscari), José Casanova (Georgetown University), Volker Kaul (LUISS/Reset DOC), Stephen Macedo (Princeton University),Toshio Miyake (Ca’ Foscari), Maria Cristina Paciello (Ca’ Foscari), Marcella Simoni (Ca’ Foscari), Francesca Tarocco (Ca’ Foscari).



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