Convening 15 May 2014 İstanbul Students and Scholars
Istanbul Seminars 2014
Bilgi University

7th Istanbul Seminars May 15-20, 2014

The Sources of Pluralism – Metaphysics, Epistemology, Law and Politics

The Istanbul Seminars 2014 welcome international students, postgraduates and researchers to join a week of philosophical meetings with renowned intellectuals who are committed to the issues of pluralism and democracy.

In the past few years, many students from al lover the world (France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain, Poland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, India, UK, USA, Russian Federation, attended the seminars.

Events are free of charge and open to all



Budget is limited. Small grants are addressed to student/scholars depending on their motivation letter, cv, accademical reference letter, travel distance from Istanbul, financial status. Applicants were noticed on the result of the evaluation committee by April 10th. Granted participants are required to attend all the program 15-20 May. The grant will be delivered on Tuesday 20th, in cash. To granted participants a daily free lunch ticket to be spent at the Campus Cafeteria will be provided. To pre-registered participants who will attend the entire Seminar program: a daily free lunch ticket to be spent at the Campus Cafeteria will be provided. Tickets will be given at the registration desk in the morning of the 15-16-17-18-19-20 of May.

Certificate of Attendance:
Registered applicants who attend the whole Seminars will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

If you wish to attend single sessions, you may register at the conference hall entrance.



Enrolled participants have the possibility of getting involved in one of four working groups. Participans involved in the working groups will receive some reading material by April 20th. Each working group will discuss the preliminary readings and the speeches given by the Speakers. At the end of the program each working group will present the results to the audience.

Topics of Working Groups:

1.Politics and Philosophy (1): Pluralism in the Public Sphere (Devrim Kabasakal)

2.Politics and Philosophy (2): The Sources of Value Pluralism (Volker Kaul)

3.History and Sociology: Turkey: Between the Burden of Nationalism and the Challenges of Pluralism (Lea Nocera)

4.Law and Religion: Islam and the Sources of Pluralism (Mohammed Hashas)

Working groups meet daily at the end of the sessions, for about one hour.

You may choose to get involved in the working groups filling the registration form.
A Committee will assign participating scholars to the working groups on the basis of their interests and CV.

Enrollment in the working groups is not compulsory, but welcome.


Useful information for an enjoyable stay in Istanbul

Location: the Istanbul Seminars are held at Istanbul Bilgi University Santral Istanbul Campus, located in the Silahtaraga neighbourhood at the upper end of Golden Horn.

Bilgi University Santral Campus address: Eski Silahtaraga Elektrik Santrali Silahtaraga Mah. Kazim Karabekir Cad. No. 1 34060 Eyüp / Istanbul
Phone +90 (0) 212 311 50 00+90 (0) 212 311 50 00

Cafeterias and Restaurants: Istanbul Bilgi University operates several facilities for the convenience of students and staff on its campus. The university cafeterias are popular and lively meeting places, both for a relaxing moderately-priced meal and social gatherings with friends.

Travel and Accommodation: Istanbul Seminars are organized without any support from other institutions. Speakers and participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. Students must arrange their accommodation personally, however we can provide you a list of suggested hostels/hotels at a reasonable price for you stay.

Things in Istanbul change very quickly, even though we know several hostels where students stayed in the past years, they may be closed or quite different at the present. Hence, our advise is to check on the web, as there are hundreds of options at decent price that will allow you to enjoy your week in Istanbul on a budget.

A room in Sultanhamet, the wonderful Istanbul’s historical district, may be a suitable option since you could reach Kabataş by light metro in less than 10 minutes, where you can catch the free shuttle service provided by Bilgi that takes you to the Santral Campus.

NB. Kabataş is the last stop on the T1 red line, “S” -along the T1 way- indicates Sultanhamet stop.

Transportation: Besides the buses and other public transport, the Santral Istanbul Campus is accessible by the University’s free shuttle service, which connects the university to the city starting from Kabataş.
For the Bilgi shuttle buses Timetable (Kabataş – Santral Campus -Kabataş)

NB please keep in mind Monday 19th May is National holiday in Turkey, thus buses may be reduced as on Sundays.

Shuttle bus on May 19th:

09:00 Kabataş-Santral
09:30 Kabataş Santral
17:00 Santral-Kabataş
17:30 Santral-Kabataş

You may find useful the official Istanbul transport map here

Tutorship: Daniela Dalmasso will support students’ participation step by step. Please write to for any question you may have.




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