Communities and the Individual: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Divide

Conference Program



Tuesday, 26 May



2.00 PM – 2.20 PM


Tiziana Lippiello | Vice Rector Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Giancarlo Bosetti | Executive Chair Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations


2.20 PM – 2.30 PM


Volker Kaul: An Unresolved Strain in Liberalism and Communitarianism


2.30 PM – 4.15 PM

Michael Walzer: Libertarians and Communitarians: A Critique

Stephen Macedo: Liberalism and Neoliberalism, Communitarianism and Populism: Politics and Agonism After the Immigration Backlash

Chair: Giancarlo Bosetti


4.30 PM – 6.00 PM

Avishai Margalit: What the Experience of the Kibbutz Communal Life can Tell About the Debate between Communitarianism and Liberalism

Chunrong Liu: The Elusive Pursuit of Spontaneous Order? A Normative Reflection of Community Building in Shanghai

Chair: Tiziana Lippiello


Wednesday, 27 May




2.00 PM – 3.30 PM

Ananya Vajpeyi: India’s Crisis of Citizenship: How the Pandemic has Exacerbated the Erosion of Minority Rights

Toshio Miyake: ‘Cin ciun cian’: Neo-orientalism and Cultural Racialization in Italy at the Time of Covid-19

Chair: Marcella Simoni


3.45 PM – 4.30 PM

Seyla Benhabib: Democracy, Science and the State: Reflections on the Disaster(s) of our Times

Chair: Marina Calloni


4.45 PM – 6.00 PM

ROUNDTABLE: Reshaping Politics Between Populism and Solidarity

Speakers: Seyla Benhabib, Craig Calhoun, Avishai Margalit, Nadia Urbinati

Chair: José Casanova


6.15 PM – 7.00 PM

José Casanova: Individual and Communities: Lessons from the Global Pandemic.

Chair: Albena Azmanova



Thursday, 28 May




3.00 PM – 3.45 PM

Daniele Brombal & Angela Moriggi: Establishing Transdisciplinary Communities for Socio-ecological Transformations. Insights from the Belt & Road Initiative

Chair: Francesca Tarocco


4.00 PM – 5.15 PM

ROUNDTABLE: China, US, Europe and the Lessons of the Present Crisis

Speakers: Giuliano Amato, Lisa Anderson, Michael Walzer

Chair: Giancarlo Bosetti & Jonathan Laurence


5.30 PM – 7.00 PM

Najib George Awad: Democracy without Democrats, Identity-Formation and Religions: the Challenge of Crosspollinating Self-perception in the Post-Arabic Spring Contexts

Adam Seligman: The Tragedy of Human Rights. Liberalism and the Loss of Belonging

Chair: Alessandro Ferrara



Friday, 29 May



2.30 PM – 4.00 PM

Ramin Jahanbegloo: The Individual and the Community: A Nonviolent Perspective

Craig Calhoun: Physical Distance and Social Connection

Chair: David Rasmussen


4.15 PM – 5.45 PM

Lisa Anderson: Under Duress: Community and Individual as Solace and Escape

Sudipta Kaviraj: When are We a ‘Community’?

Chair: Jonathan Laurence


6.00 PM – 7.00 PM

Presentations of the Summer School Workshops


7.00 PM

Closing Remarks

Giancarlo Bosetti | Executive Chair Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations



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