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  • Andrea Riccardi 19 October 2009
    I do not wish to seem irenical, but there is something more serious going on, almost a tragic destiny. A bipolar system of hatred one cannot avoid and one hard to escape; an element that infiltrates and becomes a founding element of many aspects of Italian life. The antagonism present in the public sphere is also visible in social life. Ours (Italy) is an angry and anxious country. Due to the crisis experienced by the great political and social networks, the breakdown induced by neo- techno-capitalism, people live isolated lives or at best stay within the family circle. Hence the emotive dimension of individuals has become amplified, alone in front of a TV set, reacting to symbolic-personalities and events.
  • Andrea Riccardi 13 May 2008
    Nowadays it has become impossible too to not show interest in the Oriental Christian world. This because it has become impossible to ignore the Middle East. This interest has increased because Oriental Christians are experiencing a difficult transition; their numbers are dwindling through emigration, hence their percentages are decreasing compared to their Muslim compatriots, their survival is at risk. It would be a serious mistake to envisage an attitude involving a modern version of the protection provided by Christian powers to Oriental Christians. These are policies that often led to a process involving Christians becoming estranged from their own environments. These Christians are not only the victims of Muslim intolerance, but also a great opportunity for the Muslim world not to be self-absorbed.
  • Reset Dialogues 16 November 2006
    What are the aims of Reset Doc? What do we want? We call for equal conditions within intercultural dialogue, and we refuse to consider the two sides (the West and the East) as compact bodies. We aim to go beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism, beyond respective prejudices, in order to start a real dialogue between the West and the East. The following is a report of our international conference held in Cairo, on the 4-6 March 2006.
  • 7 November 2006
    Following the conquest of the Americas, the word “mestizo” was used to indicate children born of parents belonging to different races, usually and an American Indian woman and a white man (or vice versa). Coming from the Latin mixticius (mixed), the word is also used for animals to indicate a lack of pure breeding.