Sources of Democracy: Citizenship, Social Cohesion and Ethical Values

Summer School Faculty and Seminars Speakers:

Tahir Abbas • Fiona Adamson • Mohamed Al-Ani • Giuliano Amato • Albena Azmanova • Giulio Azzolini • Karen Barkey • Daniel A. Bell • Sheri Berman • Giancarlo Bosetti • Marina Calloni • José Casanova • Paolo Costa  • Patrick Deneen • Jon Elster • Alessandro Ferrara Pasquale FerraraPatrizio FondiPasquale Gagliardi • Seán Golden • Andrea Graziosi • Micheline Ishay  • Mohsen Kadivar  • Volker Kaul • Mounir KchaouDilek Kurban • Jonathan Laurence • Tiziana Lippiello • Alan Patten • David Rasmussen • Abdel Hussain Shaban • Mona Siddiqui • Marcella Simoni Yael Tamir • Francesca Tarocco • Pei Wang • Michel Wieviorka and others


The list of speakers may be subject to change. Participants will receive the final program of the Summer School.




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