Convening 8 July 2019 Casablanca (Morocco) Practicalities and Registration for Visitors
Tolerance in Mediterranean Societies: History, Ideas and Institutions
Fondation du Roi Abdul-Aziz

Casablanca Seminars
Tolerance in Mediterranean Societies: History, Ideas, and Institutions

July 11th-13th, 2019 | Fondation du Roi Abdul Aziz, Ain Diab, Casablanca.

The Conference is free and open to all.

Registration is required.

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How to reach Casablanca city center from the airport:

By Train:

Trains depart from Casablanca Airport to downtown and vice versa every hour between 06:00 am and 10:00 pm approximately, 7 days a week. The train station is located at the -1 level in the arrival terminal of Terminal 1.

Journey time is about 45 minutes.

If you wish to get to the city center, the best stop to take is Casa Port Station. Casa Voyageurs is one of the main train stations but is a little far from downtown.

For further information, please check the national railroad company ONCF website.

The single second class ticket costs MAD 42.00 (around 4 Euro). Tickets can be purchased in the Casablanca Airport train station at both booths and ticket machines.

By Bus:

There is a bus for the city centre that departs from just outside Terminal 1.

A one-way ticket costs around MAD 20.00 (around 2 euro).

The ticket can be purchased directly on board with the driver.

By Taxi:

Taxis are located at level 0, outside the arrivals area, and are available 24/7.

Casablanca official taxis are painted in white colour. There are a couple of types of taxis in Morocco: Grand and petit.

“Grand” taxis are Mercedes Benz diesel sedans, which depart to downtown when they are full and stop at designated taxi stands. It is not recommended to take one in case of large baggage or simply getting to downtown from the airport.

“Petit” taxis are the typical four passengers cab which just follows the route between the airport and downtown.

The average rate for a journey to Casablanca is about MAD 250.00 – 300.00 (23 – 28 Euro).

Official and authorized prices at Casablanca Airport are shown in a panel located at Terminal 1 and they are agreed by the local council.

Be aware…

We recommend you avoid boarding a taxi with the taximeter either broken or turned off since you could be a victim of a scam. In that situation, you’ll have to negotiate the fare with the driver, which is not recommended to do so.

In case of boarding a grand taxi, there will be usually a person in the group negotiating fares and communicating with the driver on behalf of passengers. You should negotiate with that person.

Avoid taking non-authorized taxis. Official Casablanca taxis are painted white.

Housings and Hotels:

Hotel Central – Rooms from around 20 Euro per night.

Relax Hotel Casa Voyageurs – around 40 Euro per night

Hôtel Première Classe Casablanca Centre Ville – Rooms from 30 Euro.

Minjo Appart – Rooms from around 17 Euro, also has single-sex dormitories




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