Convening 17 March 2022 Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
COMING SOON – The Fragility of Democracy: Rescuing Dialogue and Deliberation
Paris, France

ResetDOC in partnership with the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, is organizing a two-day event to be held in Paris on the Fragility of Democracy: Rescuing Dialogue and Deliberation with the aim of identifying the primary factors contributing to this strain on our systems as well as coming up with solutions to overcome these threats. The event will be held both online and in person.


The principles of dialogue and deliberation that form the backbone of democratic systems are under unprecedented strain. In Europe, governments in Hungary and Poland have chipped away at the rule of law, while the region grapples with the implications of right-wing nationalist forces inching their way ever closer, swaying voters’ minds in favor of demagoguery and tribalism. In North Africa and Turkey, fragile electoral democracies are undergoing fierce challenges to the rule of law. The international franchising of Trumpism permeates the fabric of democratic societies, echoing in the recent French and German electoral campaigns. The possibility of populist contagion rears its head: several months before the Capitol riot of January 6, 2021, anti-government protesters stormed the Bundestag in Berlin. Defiance of the customs and rules of decency continue to challenge public discourse, turning elections from a shared ritual into a divisive experience. These trends are a reflection and a catalyst of rapidly eroding trust in democratic institutions and its central tenets. Issues that once formed a consensus — such as the necessity of public health policies and the veracity of electoral results — now provoke vitriolic debate. 


Can there be common ground when political narratives and basic truths collide, replacing rationality? With polarized rhetoric on the rise, can democratic degeneration still be reversed? What once seemed like a distant challenge now threatens the stability of our centuries-old institutions. Where political dialogue becomes impracticable, deliberative democracy is imperiled. A concerted effort is needed to guide public discussion and conquer the temptation to retreat or abstain


Analyzing Strategies for Civic Immunity to Manipulation

     Protecting citizens from “big lies” and disinformation

     Historical and scholarly approaches to tackling political sectarianism and tribalism 


_ Examining Ways of overcoming divisions to restore trust and dialogue

      What methods can be used to rebuild trust and cohesion in politics?

      Are institutional reforms needed to restore the conditions for dialogue among citizens?


Please stay tuned for updates regarding confirmed speakers and the conference agenda.



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