The Carthage Seminars: Pluralism in Arab and Muslim Societies
Conference: 30 June – 1 July



Day 1 –  Wednesday 30 June 2021


Opening Session and Introduction

15:00-15:45 (Rome Time)


Giancarlo Bosetti, Chair, Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (DOC), Milan 

Jonathan Laurence, Director, Reset Dialogues US; Professor, Boston College

Federica Zoja, Scientific Coordinator, Reset DOC; Journalist


Panel 1 – How is Contemporary Islam reflected in Arab/Muslim Culture in the Great Mediterranean and beyond? 

15:45- 17:00


Mustafa Akyol, Is there an Islamic Case for Free Speech?

Jocelyne Cesari, Religious tolerance Versus Political toleration

Zeineb Toujani, Islamism in the Tunisian media after 2018: Analytical and critical reading

Chair: Mohammed Hashas, Luiss University in Rome


Break 17:00-17:30 


Panel 2 – Changing Societal Norms and Freedom of Speech in the Arts: Cinema, Design, Theatre



Peter Limbrick, New Networks for Arab Film and Video

Bahia Shehab, Art and Resistance

Ismail Khalidi, Thick as Thieves: Settler Colonial Delusions and the Policing of Palestine in Popular American Culture

Chair: Federica Zoja, Reset DOC



Panel 3 – Restrictions on cultural freedom and strategies of adaptation



Atef Elshaer, The poetry of Mahmoud Darwish and Adonis, between Freedom and Duress

Randa Aboubakr, Is the Digital a Freer Space?

Omar Fassatoui, Acculturation of Rights and Freedoms in the Post Revolutionary Tunisia

Chair: Mohammed Hashas, Luiss University in Rome



Day 2, Thursday 01 July 2021


Panel 1 – No longer caught “between” Islam and the West? Cultural contributions to the construction of democracy



Shady Hamadi, The Impact of Living in Democratic, Pluralist Societies vis-a-vis Environments with fewer Freedoms, on Creative Production among the Arab Diasporas

Joshua Carney, Resur(e)recting a Spectacular Hero: Diriliş Ertuğrul, Necropolitics, and Popular Culture in Turkey

Moez Mrabet, Tunisian Theater from Dictatorship to Democracy

Chair: Azzurra Meringolo Scarfoglio, RAI



Panel 2 – Pluralism and freedom of expression in traditional and digital media – a method for dialogue in disguise?  



Tarek El-Ariss Digital Subjects: Performing Exposure on Arab Social Media

Teresa Pepe, Arabic Literature and the Web 2.0

Abdel Aziz Hali, The Alternative Media in Tunisia (Nawaat, Inkyfada, al-Qatiba)

Chair: Jonathan Laurence, Boston College; Reset US


Break 17:30-18:00 


Roundtable: Culture and the Arts — the Continuation of Politics by Other Means?



Lisa Anderson, Mayada Adil, Mustafa Akyol, Amel Boubekeur, Zyed Krichen 

Chair: Giancarlo Bosetti, Reset DOC


Concluding remarks



Conference Venue


The Seminars will be held in videoconference live on Zoom.
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