Convening 19 May 2012 İstanbul
Istanbul Seminars 2012
Bilgi University

The fifth edition of Istanbul Seminars – Philosophers bridge the Bosphorus – have taken place from May 19 to May 24 2012 at Bilgi University in Istanbul.

“The promise of democracy” faces several challenges that are notably related to altered material conditions: Western democracies have to find new answers in the face of a severe economic and financial crises and an ageing population. Arab countries invest all their hopes in democracy in order to confront poverty and inequality as well as an unprecedented youth bulge.

Which are the methods and limits of democratic participation and political deliberation in economics? Does the Arab Spring lead to more rights for women and citizens in the Arab world? How do claims to justice engage new forms of political responsibility, political judgment and leadership? Top thinkers from around the world have gatherd in Istanbul to discuss these issues and many more.




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