Reset-DoC Award 2011 for Intercultural Dialogue 11 January 2012

October 2011 – At the 18th edition of Capalbio Cinema – International Short Film Festival “A World of Maps”, the international association Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations presented Morten Hovland, director of the short film entitled Idyll, with the 2011 Reset-DoC Award for Intercultural Dialogue. Idyll is about two tourists on a European beach suddenly who witness our indifference wash ashore… A film with a different perspective on the anxiety we feel and the dilemma we are faced with when confronted with other peoples suffering. More info here

Director: Morten Hovland


Production Year: 2010

The Reset-DoC Award for Intercultural Dialogue

The Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations Award is presented to the short film that stands out for the clarity and effectiveness of communication that crosses the borders between various cultures, especially those that extremism and fundamentalism attempt to put in conflict, between the North and the South, between the East and the West, between mentalities that are distant in ethnicity, religion, traditions and behavioural codes. This award is aimed at rewarding the film most capable of dismantling prejudice and stereotypes, open to a vision of other realities, returning to viewers of all cultures a sense of shared humanity, respecting human rights and with a perspective capable of transmitting a sense of equal dignity that the human condition deserves in the most varied forms of civilization.

The winner of the Capalbio Cinema-International Short Film Festival 2011 in Capalbio, Italy was Erik Bäfving (Sweden), director of the film Dagar Emmelan. He was awarded with the Gran Prix Capalbio for the Best Film at this edition.



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