Revolution Decoded: Iran’s Digital Media Landscape

In cooperation with Small Media, the English website focused on the analysis of Iranian media universe, Arab Media Report has produced Revolution Decoded: Iran’s Digital Media Landscape.

The monograph summarizes the studies about satellite television, publishing, press and internet, with unprecedented insights into the world of social networks and start-ups. Following the development of media in these areas, in each of them both government’s censorship and circumvention’s tool – used by the Iranian civil society – are analysed in order to underline paradoxical and contradictory aspects emerging from their interaction. So that we wonder to what extent we can think of Iran as a closed society where the government put citizens under constant overwhelming pressure, and how far it can extend its control despite of the Internet age and global media.

The Arab Media Report’s team has collaborated with Small Media and helped in drafting the plubication thanks to the essays by Antonello Sacchetti, the editing by Valeria Spinelli and the scientific coordination by Azzurra Meringolo.




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