Philosophy & Social Criticism: Venice Seminars 2019 (vol 46 no 5, 2020)

Special Issue: Venice Seminars 2019: Sources of Democracy: Citizenship, Social Cohesion, and Ethical Values

This volume gathers the articles presented at the Reset DOC Venice Seminars 2019, which took place at the Giorgio Cini Foundation from May 23 to May 25, 2019.

The 2019 Venice Seminars addressed the topic of “Sources of Democracy: Citizenship, Social Cohesion and Ethical Values

Editors: Alessandro Ferrara, Volker Kaul and David Rasmussen

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Table of Contents

Annotations 471

Sources of democracy: Rights, trust and solidarity 472
Volker Kaul

Rights as Source of Democracy Religious pluralism: Essential or challenge to liberal democracy? 487
Mona Siddiqui

Islamophobia as racialised biopolitics in the United Kingdom 497
Tahir Abbas

The culture of the national liberation movement and the change towards democracy: The case of North Africa 512
Mounir Kchaou

The heavy burden of democracy: Where is salvation? Democracy between perspective and prohibited 523
Hussain Shaban

Trust as Source of Democracy Populist multiculturalism: Are there majority cultural rights? 539
Alan Patten

Social cohesion without electoral democracy: The case of China 553
Wang Pei and Daniel A. Bell

Democracy and ethical values from Islamic perspective 563
Mohsen Kadivar

How to construct a common and consensual multicultural civic discourse 576
Seàn Golden

Solidarity as Source of Democracy Some notes on ‘Populism’ 591
Jon Elster

Anti-Capital for the XXIst Century (on the metacrisis of capitalism and the prospects for radical politics) 601
Albena Azmanova

Human rights amidst despair in the Levant and the West 613
Micheline Ishay




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