Convening 15 April 2021 Online (Zoom)
Shifting Power: What has changed for the Middle East and North Africa?

April 15, 2021
17:30 p.m. – 18:30 p.m. CEST
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EDT
Location: Online Zoom Webinar

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Reset DOC invites you to a 1 hour debate on the occasion of the publication of the e-book, After the Revolution – A Decade of Tunisian and North African Politics (ed., Federica Zoja).

Aymen Boughanmi, Pasquale Ferrara, Patrizio Fondi, Amr Hamzawy, and Federica Zoja, in a panel moderated by Jonathan Laurence will discuss the currently shifting paradigms in the Middle East and North Africa.

From tremors within the Jordanian monarchy to Libya’s fragile peace, Lebanon’s absentee ruling class and Algeria’s struggle to move on from Bouteflika. What is at stake for the region after a decade of faltering change? Will the new geopolitical shifts allow for more breathing room for democracy to flourish or do we return to the status quo by another name?


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