Istanbul Seminars 2011
Bilgi University

Istanbul Seminars May 19-24, 2011

Philosophers bridge the Bosphorus
Close encounters across all divides

“Overcoming the Trap of Resentment

Istanbul Seminars 2011 centered around the issue of Europe trapped by resentment and fear, a Europe dealing with new waves of immigration with hope but also with uncertainties arising from the uprisings in Arab counties. The Old Continent, overwhelmed by feverish incitement caused by lepenism as well as other localisms and anti-immigrant movements has been placed under observation by the South and the East (from the Maghreb to Turkey, lands of emigrants) but also by the West (the United States, a land of immigrants).


Stefano Allievi :  Reactive Identities and Islamophobia. Muslim Minorities and the Challenge of Religious Pluralism in Europe

Abdullahi A. An-Na’im: Coping with Shared Human Vulnerabilities:  The Cultural Mediation of Resentment and Retaliation

Anthony Appiah: Misunderstanding Cultures: Islam and ‘the West

Rajeev Bhargava: The Difficulty of Reconciliation

Akeel Bilgrami: The Mentality of Identity and the Mentality of Liberalism

Jose Casanova: Islam in Europe, Islam in the United States: the Politics of Nativism

Fred Dallmayr: Radical changes in the Muslim World: Turkey, Iran, Egypt

Zaid Eyadat: Dialoguing Islams: Alternatives and Prospects

Alessandro Ferrara
: When Conjecture Fails: Hyperpluralism and the Multivariate Polity

Nouzha Guessous: Women rights in Muslim societies: Lessons from the Moroccan experience

Dick Howard: The Resistance of Those who Desire not to be Ruled?

Ayan Kaya: Secularization, Politicization and Stigmatization of Migration in the West as a mode of Governamentality

Fuat Keyman:
Enacting citizenship and democratic consolidation coping with identity politics

Claus Offe: Political Liberalism, Group Rights, and the Politics of Fear and Trust

David Rasmussen: Post-secularism, Religion and the Crisis of Modernity

Beate Roessler: Authenticity, Culture, and Autonomy

Charles Taylor: Interculturalism or Multiculturalism

Discussants and chairs:

Asaf Savas Akat- Giuliano Amato- Albena Azmanova- Banu Bargu- Seyla Benhabib- Faruk Birtek- Giancarlo Bosetti- Craig Calhoun- Ayşen Candaş- Maeve Cooke- Zaid Eyadat- Abdou Filali-Ansary- Nina zu Fürstenberg- Nilüfer Göle- Ayten Gundogdu- Barbara Henry- Ramin Jahanbegloo- Ibrahim Kalin- Ayhan Kaya- Ferhat Kentel- Ferda Keskin- Soli Ozel- Emma Playfair- Tariq Ramadan- Remzi Sanver- Otto Schily- G.H. Thyssen Bornemisza- Roberto Toscano






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