Dublin 2024, Dreams of Peace and Realities of War
The Friend-Enemy Polarization
Dublin, Ireland

From May 27th to June 1st, 2024 

Boston College – Ireland | Dublin


How do wars end and how do enemies become friends? The friend-enemy polarization on the international level is threatening a whole phase of our age and is plaguing the public spheres on the national level. The reality of conflicts in the world and the violence of political competition contrast with the aspirations for peace that characterize all great cultural and religious traditions. Through its lectures, workshops, the Seminars will seek to understand this contrast in depth by addressing the desire for world harmony of Confucianism and the Middle Empire; the Islamic perspective; the concepts of peace and tolerance in the founding texts; the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, and Christian perspectives from the Crusades to pacifism.

 The Seminars, taking the place of our former Summer School, is structured in lectures and workshops. The lectures will take place each morning, from Monday to Wednesday and will be followed each afternoon by workshops.  Each student will be assigned to one workshop group.

The workshop structure will include two practical sessions followed by thematic sessions that will address the topics discussed during the lectures and throughout the week.

The practical sessions will be on the following:

  1. Horizon Europe funding opportunities and recommendations
  2. The Digital Identity of the Researcher

The practical workshops will be followed by thematic sessions in which students discuss and elaborate one specific issue of the overall topic and prepare a group presentation on the last day of the Seminars and Conference.


Evaluation: Presentation during the Reset DOC Seminars and attendance (40%); final paper to be submitted three weeks after the end of the seminars (60%).


Application requirementsSeminars are open to students or young scholars in the field of humanities, social and political science, or law from any background. A good working knowledge of English is required.

To apply, please e-mail the following to alessandra.tommasi@resetdoc.org

  1. A short cover letter explaining your interest in the seminars (max 300 words).
  2. Your curriculum vitae.
  3. A personal ID (Passport or National Identity Document).
  4. References are welcome but not required.

We’re still accepting last minute applications! 

NB: In order to receive the certificate of attendance of the Seminars, attendance to all lectures, workshops, and Conference is mandatory.


Grants for the Seminars: Students are expected to cover their own costs. Please note that accommodation at Abigail’s Hostel will be available for the entire week (check-in on Sunday the 26th of May and check-out on Sunday the 2nd of June) to be intended as a grant, on a first-come, first-served basis. Once beds are full, small grants will be disbursed on a case-by-case basis – depending on student CVs, cover letters, and travel distance to Dublin.

Apply early to secure your spot! Kindly note that the rooms booked are two 6-bed dorms with ensuite facilities. One has been reserved for female students and another for male students.

In order to receive the grant, attendance at all lessons and workshops of the Seminars, and attendance for the whole duration of the Conference is mandatory.



The GRANT will be delivered in cash on Saturday June 1st, 2024.


There is no cost to attend the Dublin Seminars.


The 2024 Seminars “Dreams of Peace and Realities of War” is organized by Reset DOC in partnership with Fondation Maison des sciences de l’hommeBoston College Ireland, and the Clough Center for Constitutional Democracy at Boston College. This research program and related results were made possible by the support of the NOMIS Foundation.


For any further information, please contact alessandra.tommasi@resetdoc.org or write to events@resetdoc.org.



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