Convening 4 July 2022 Carthage, Tunisia
Carthage Seminars 2022 – The Challenge of Social Change in Arab Countries
Beit al-Hikma (Carthage, Tunis)

Carthage Summer School – July 4-8, 2022 // Carthage Seminars – July 7-8, 2022

VENUE: Beit Al Hikma, the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts – Carthage.

Thanks to all of the scholars, students and participants for these outstanding Carthage Seminars 2022. Keep following our activities for more such future initiatives of cultural encounter, scientific insight and academic training.


The Challenge of Social Change in Arab Countries

The difficulties of political transition are apparent across the globe. Social protests in the Arab world have inspired hope and optimism and reminded internal and external observers and scholars of persistent realities that challenge democratization. The divide between secular and religious wings of the political sphere has receded from the forefront, whereas the crosscutting need for welfare, prosperity, efficiency in public services and a more dynamic and free social life is transcending old political cleavages. The Jasmine revolution of December 2010 that began in Tunisia and ignited reform movements across the region is remarkable in contemporary socio-political history. It fueled new research across philosophy, theology, legal theory, politics and the history of ideas, and beyond. However, the last decade has been marked by turmoil and backlash. The Covid-19 global pandemic added immense challenges at the socio-political and economic levels. The rise of tensions between Western powers and Russia, and the latter’s occupation of Ukraine have also provoked a major crisis with immense global economic consequences and worsening living conditions in the Middle East and North Africa, where people have returned to the streets to demand the change promised by the earlier social protests.

The 2022 Carthage Seminars aim first to further study social, cultural, religious and political diversity in the Arab world by listening to local scholars and their evaluation of the transformations in the region, and by involving international scholars that have been studying the area for decades. The Seminars aim, second, to bring together an important number of young scholars, researchers, professionals, teachers, young journalists, media activists, from the region and from outside. Finally, the Seminars aim to engage in profound philosophical, theological, legal, and cultural discussions with the participants during the Summer School classes and workshops over the current issues that concern the changing Arab societies, focusing on pluralism in culture and religion, political liberties and freedoms of expression, human rights discourses, global political and environmental challenges, and the role of the social media and the digital world, the youth, and civil society in these historical moments.


2022 Speakers and Faculty

Wahid Abdelmeguid, Stefano Allievi, Lisa Anderson, Meysam Badamchi, Joseph Bahout, Amel Boubekeur, Georges Fahmi, Amel Grami, Sharan Grewal, Mohamed Haddad, Sari Hanafi, Mohammed Hashas, Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab, Volker Kaul, Jonathan Laurence, Mohammed Masbah, Nejia Ouriemmi, Renata Pepicelli, Mounir Saidani.


The 2022 Carthage Seminars and Summer School are being organized in collaboration with the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme and The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Délégation en France.


The Carthage Seminars are free and open to all.

Working languages: English and Arabic. A simultaneous translation will be provided.

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