Russia-Ukraine: Is There Any Room for Compromise?

As a dark air of impending war hangs once again over Ukraine, and the Eurasian space more broadly, Reset DOC recently convened a high-level panel of world-renowned experts on post-Soviet geopolitics, to discuss the roots of the current crisis, and whether there is any possibile room for a political and cultural solution.

The fruits of such lively and stimulating debate, which you can re-view in full here, are reproduced and consolidated in the present Dossier, which will hopefully help illuminate readers on what is at stake in the war (of nerves, for now) between Russia and Ukraine, and between Russia and NATO.

After a general introduction by Prof. José Casanova, follow the texts – consolidated versions of their oral presentations – by professors Frank Sysyn, Alexander Motyl and Andrea Graziosi and journalist Nataliya Gumeniuk.

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