America and the Fight Against Racism After George Floyd

Today’s world and tomorrow’s America don’t look the same as they did one month ago. If that is the case, socially and politically, that is not just because of the “revolutionary” power of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has demonstrated its ability to disrupt well-established political leaderships, but also because of a different, human-moved force of change.

The desperate words of a dying man – “I can’t breathe” – have become the passepartout for a global revolt against illegitimate police violence, racism and social inequality. In America, the bottom-up protest has shaken the country to a degree that nobody, including President Trump, had deemed possible. Worldwide, the movement has embraced and fed the Black Lives Matter mobilization, up to the point of demanding symbols of past historical eras to be torn down.

What impact will such wide-scale uprising have on America, four months short of a crucial election, and on the global fight against racism and inequalities?

A kaleidoscope of stories, voices and perspectives in this special ResetDOC Dossier.


Cover Photo: Adrian Dennis / AFP



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