• Runya Qiaoan 27 October 2022
    How can the relationship between the State and civil society be undestood in a Chinese perspective? Runya Qiaoan gives her assessment in this video-interview shot on the margins of Reset DOC’s 2022 Venice Seminars, “Between State and Civil Society: Who Protects Individual Liberties and Human Dignity?”
  • Mujibur Rehman 29 May 2018
    The Karnataka election results once again perpetuate a disturbing trend regarding the decline of Muslim representation in various Assemblies where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has emerged a dominant force. The number of MLAs is just seven in a State where Muslims make up 12.91% of the population. The decline from 2013 is mainly owing to the BJP’s continued strategy of not fielding Muslim candidates, although it has emerged as the single largest party with 104 members.  
  • Claudia De Martino 14 June 2017
    Syria is only discussed in geopolitical terms, associating its daily history to the ruthless military operations of the great powers or the periodic massacres carried out by the Assad regime against its own citizens, inflicted with impunity in the country’s remote provinces as well as in the capital’s suburbs.
  • 19 May 2016
    Four years after the “Jasmin Revolution” in Tunisia and in the wake of the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 awarded to the Tunisian civil society, there is still the need to understand the deep causes and challenges of this exceptional success story in the Arab world. Tunisian scholars and activists interviewed by Reset-Doc analyze the key events and features of their country democratic transition, trying to provide answers to the many questions and problems still open today with regards to economy, youth, social justice and inequalities. 
  • Mohamed Haddad 12 October 2015
    I can still remember that Saturday, October 12th 2013. We were preparing to open our workshop on “Civil Society’s Role in the Success of National Dialogue” when, all of a sudden, a group of police officers came into the room and searched it thoroughly. We learned later that they had been warned about the presence of a suspicious object. Having started later than scheduled, the workshop was still in the middle of its opening session when a militia group invaded the conference hall to disrupt our work, incessantly chanting slogans against dialogue. We had invited the representatives of all the most important political parties, but the Nida Tounes (Call for Tunisia) representative had been prevented from entering.
  • Nicoletta Fagiolo 30 May 2013
    Let us imagine for a moment that at the November 1945 Nuremburg trials, which were held so as to condemn those responsible for instigating World War II and the Holocaust, a Prosecutor decided, by distorting the historical account of the wars’ events, to press charges for crimes against humanity during WWII against Franklin Delano Roosevelt[1]. There were surely crimes committed by American soldiers fighting the Nazi regime, yet would this make Roosevelt a just target for crimes committed during World War II? A similar historical and thus juridical incoherence is currently being played out at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague in the case the Prosecutor vs Laurent Gbagbo.
  • Raffaele Marchetti, Luiss University 22 May 2013
    In the world there are four and only four great powers. They are China, the EU, Russia, and the USA. Beyond the traditional economic and military capabilities, what makes an important power a great power is, arguably, its ability to project a world vision. A precondition for this is the ability to formulate a master frame of world order. I claim that, as of today, only four great powers have developed a fairly sophisticated model of world order and have attempted, with a certain degree of success, to spread its content worldwide so to make their national normative projection global.
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