Philosophy&Social Criticism Special Issue: Reset-Dialogues Istanbul Seminars 2015 (vol. 42 no.4- 5 2016)

This volume gathers the articles presented at the Reset DOC Istanbul Seminars 2015, which took place at the Istanbul Bilgi University from May 26 to May 30, 2015.

The 2015 Istanbul Seminars addressed the topic of “Politics Beyond Borders. The Republican Model Challenged by the Internationalization of Economy, Law and Communication”.

Introduction by Volker Kaul, Republicanism under scrutiny

Table of contents

Republicanism and Islam

Manlio Graziano, The long crisis of the nation-state and the rise of religions to the public stage
Georges Corm, The crisis of Arab States, ethics and citizenship
Micheline Ishay, Violent Islamism beyond borders: Can human rights prevail?
Mohamed Haddad, The crisis of the Republican model (the state-nation) and its religious outcomes: A case study of the Great Middle East
Riva Kastoryano, States and communities competing for global power

Republicanism in Turkey and France: Challenges and Responses

Bans Ünlü, The Kurdish struggle and the crisis of the Turkishness Contract
Ömer Turan and Cemil Boyraz, From system integration to social integration: Kurdish challenge to Turkish Republicanism
Can Cemgil, The republican ideal of freedom as non-domination and the Rojava experiment: States as they are or a new socio-political imagination?
Bo ̆gaç Erozan, Republican conception of liberty in early republican Turkey and its contemporary implications
Philippe Gaudin, République and laÏcité: What is at stake in contemporary France?

Republicanism, Pluralism and Deliberative Democracy

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Cultural Pluralism?
Giovanna Borradori, Between transparency and surveillance: Politics of the secret
Albena Azmanova, The right to politics and republican non-domination
Regina Kreide, Digital spaces, public places and communicative power: in defence of deliberative democracy
Max Pensky, Two cheers for the impunity norm


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