Philosophy & Social Criticism: Istanbul Seminars 2012 (vol 39 no 4-5 2013)

This volume gathers the articles presented at the Reset DOC Istanbul Seminars 2013, which took place at the Istanbul Bilgi University from May 19 to May 24, 2012.

The 2012 Istanbul Seminars addressed the topic of “The Promises of Democracy in Troubled Times”.



Introduction by Nilüfer Göle,  Faith, market and law in democracy-making


Democratic Imaginaries Beyond Religious-Secular Divide

Jeffrey C. Alexander, The arc of civil liberation: Obama–Tahrir–Occupy

Massimo Campanini, Longing for democracy: A new way to political transformation from
an Islamic perspective

Mehmet Paçaci, Democratic values and the Qur’an as a source of Islam

Micheline Ishay, The spring of Arab nations? Paths toward a democratic transition

Economy and Gender in Democratization

Asaf Savas Akat, On economics and social sciences: An agenda for dialogue

Timur Kuran, The political consequences of Islam’s economic legacy

Katajun Amirpur, Women’s problems as a ‘women’s only’ problem? Debates on gender and democracy in Iran

Asma Barlas, Uncrossed bridges: Islam, feminism and secular democracy

Changing Legal Frames: State, Religion and Global Institutions

Andrew Arato and Ertug Tombus, Learning from success, learning from failure: South Africa, Hungary, Turkey and Egypt

Jean L. Cohen, Political religion vs non-establishment: Reflections on 21st-century political theology: Part 1

Seyla Benhabib, Transnational legal sites and democracy-building: Reconfiguring political geographies

Volker Kaul, Freedom and identity

H. E. Sayyid Mohammad Khatam, Overcoming postcolonialism: From the civilizational dispute to the renewal of dialogue




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