Convening 1 July 2019 Casablanca (Morocco)
(Coming soon) Sources of Pluralism in Islamic Thought
Fondation du Roi Abdul-Aziz

Casablanca Seminars 
International Conference & Summer School
July, 2019
Fondation du Roi Abdul-Aziz
Rue du Corail, Ain Diab – Casablanca, Morocco

In 2018 Reset Dialogues in partnership with the King Abdul-Aziz Foundation and the Granada Institute for Higher Education and Research organized this international symposium that was made possible also thanks to the support of Henry Luce Foundation’s Initiative on Religion in International Affairs, Nomis Foundation and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following the success of this edition and the fruitful cooperation with its partners, ResetDOC will organize a second edition of the Casablanca Seminars. Further details will be published soon.

As a global religion, Islam and its jurisprudence have offered heterogeneous responses to a range of questions facing different faiths and communities. Modernity imposed new questions upon religious scholars, theologians and philosophers, demanding of them a new version of pluralism in the theological and political arenas. While doctrinal or philosophical exclusivism rejects “the other” in theory — and frequently in practice, too — inclusivism connotes the accommodation and toleration of difference. But if that means the reluctant acceptance of difference within a hierarchy of worldviews, inclusion may not be enough to create more egalitarianism within modern multicultural societies. Modern pluralism might come to mean, instead, a robust appreciation of human diversity and values.