• Syafiq Hyasim 22 June 2016
    In Indonesia we have limited separation of state and religion, strong Ulema councils and also pluralism, democracy and fair elections, says Syafiq Hyasim, founder of Rahima Foundation. He researches theological answers ‘within’ Islam. Specifically, two issues: women’s rights and polygamy and the necessity to train female ulemas.
  • Nancy Fraser 3 June 2010
    «Are we talking too much about Religion? I think rather that we should step back and think about why so many political questions are being framed in terms of religion. Controversies around the hijab, the headscarf, in Europe and in Turkey occupy an analogous position to the battles over abortion in the Unites States,» says American critical theorist Nancy Fraser in this Resetdoc video-interview. «In both cases you have a kind of media spectacles around these issues. They are framed in very polarizing ways, and they have a way of sucking up all the oxygen in the atmosphere. They obscurate for example the feminist questions on social rights and health care.»


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