• Ali Kosha 11 January 2024
    Afghanistan is the only country in the world where women and girls are completely banned from education and from working in most sectors, including NGOs. While the restrictions on women and girls have rightly received some international attention, an important aspect of the Taliban’s oppressive regime that has not received enough attention is their systematic indoctrination of boys, and more recently young girls in some provinces, through the education system.
  • Philippe Portier 22 December 2020
    France, just like the rest of Europe, has changed so much since 1905 that socio-political pressures to review the relation between State and religions has become a must. The bill recently put forward by its government aims at a global reform that would, if passed, directly impact freedom of worship, claims Philippe Portier.
  • Rebecca Batley 20 October 2020
    Church and State have always been intertwined in Russia: under Tsarism God was inextricably linked to the Tsar. However recently all this has begun to change. Last year many Orthodox supporters took part in the pro democracy protests in Moscow: religious opposition to Putin is growing, there can be no doubt of that, but what this means for a government that is so intimately intertwined with the Russian Orthodox church is unclear.
  • Maria Tavernini 28 August 2019
    Kashmir has been buried under a thick silence. Local newspapers’ websites were last updated on August 4th while reporters had to transport their articles and photos out of the state on USBs, and many got their footages deleted. The government claims everything is under control and going back to “normal”, while pharmacies are running out of medicines due to the curfew and ban on movements.
  • Samuele Sangalli 18 February 2016
    Given the persistent vitality of religion, one could ask, where is its place in the “public forum” of our contemporary secularized world? Recognizing its current unavoidable presence, what can we wish for the positive future of human society? These two questions are answered by Mons. Samuele Sangalli in his introduction to the book "Religion and Politics" and summarize the core inspiration of the book itself; which contains contributions made by the participants of the Sinderesi School during the Academic Year 2014-2015. ResetDoc is pleased to share the introduction to the book with its readers. "Religion and Politics" will be presented on the 24th of February 2016 at 5.30 pm in the Aula Magna of the Pontificia Università Gregoriana - Piazza della Pilotta 4 (Rome).
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