• Amara Lakhous 12 September 2011
    The show goes on. In Italy we continue to see “theocons” on TV, improvised experts, not Islamologues but Islam-demagogues, with no knowledge of languages spoken in the Islamic area and who have never attended courses on Islam. They do however publish books with great publishing houses and are invited on television as experts on Islamic subjects.
  • Father Antonio Sciortino, editor-in-chief for «Famiglia Cristiana», talks to Federica Zoja 1 March 2011
    “To promote greater hospitality and integration for foreigners, albeit while respecting the law, Catholics must be bolder, bring ferment among the people, helping them overcome their fear and mistrust of foreigners. The Church should raise its voice on these issues when necessary. It should not hesitate or remain silent, since silence is not in line with the Gospel.” In this interview, Father Antonio Sciortino, editor-in-chief of Famiglia Cristiana and author of “Anche voi foste stranieri” [“You too were strangers”] (Feltrinelli 2010), reflects on immigration seen from a Christian perspective, and on relations between the Church and politics in Italy.
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