Convening 7 February 2019 Milan (Italy)
The Illiberal Trend
Faculty of Political Science (University of Milan)

What are liberal democracy’s greatest weaknesses in the face of spreading populist movements? What can reform-minded liberals do to loosen the tightening knot of anger and nationalist extremism?

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations is proud to launch a new series of seminars and public lectures focused on the Illiberal Trend affecting contemporary democracies. Reset Dialogues on the Illiberal Trend will analyze the causes of democratic fragility and deconsolidation.

Participants will gain insights on how liberalism can change to address the explosion of rage and nationalism.
Reset Dialogues on the Illiberal Trend are organized with the support of Zampa Foundation and in collaboration with the Department of Political Science of the University of Milan. This series of seminars will include 5 meetings that will address 4 key concepts (Fragility, Europe, Cohesion, and Vulnerability).

The Dialogues will be held at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Milan in via Conservatorio 7.

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Friday – November 9


Democratic Fragility 

> Giuliano Amato (Judge of the Italian Constitutional Court and former Italian Prime minister)

> Yascha Mounk (Harvard University)


Thursday – November 29


Unfinished Europe/1

> Giancarlo Bosetti (Director of ResetDoc)

> Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS Guido Carli)


Thursday – December 13


Unfinished Europe/2

> Stefano Allievi (Padua University)


Thursday – January 10


Cohesion (Ideas and Trust)

> Mark Lilla (Columbia University)


Thursday – February 7 


Social Vulnerability

> Chiara Saraceno (Turin University, Collegio Carlo Alberto)



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